Spicy Cards Confirmed?

The top of the month comes with new cards for the Unboxing of Isaac t-shirt subscription service! Edmund showed up for a livestream to reveal his new, intentionally grungy, office and to announce the latest additions as well as some other interesting details on other things.

Let’s begin with the Ascent-themed cards to be included with the Unboxing of Isaac subscription. This month we’ve been shown Eden’s Soul, Seraphim, and The Stairway, all of which include interesting effects. Two of these cards are heavily centered around the number 7, being a very symbolic number in Christianity, which is fitting for the theme this month. Eden’s Soul and The Stairway both have powerful deck-stacking opportunities that could make for game-shaping play. Seraphim offers a fun way to boost your attacks, giving you an advantage on your 1st, 3rd, and 5th rolls each turn. It’s worth noting that this month’s shop promo is a Jesus Juice drink cozy, which makes this the first month that it isn’t a Four Souls card.

Edmund announced that anyone who purchased the Mystery Box Tier from the Four Souls: Requiem Kickstarter campaign will be receiving a copy of Convention Eden in their boxes. While this only increases the number of Convention Edens in the wild by 15, it’s still cool nonetheless.

Additionally, an elusive mystery promo will be given to those who go above and beyond for the Unboxing of Isaac fan submissions. Could this be the “official release” of the full-body version of Henry that was revealed, then altered during the Kickstarter campaign? Much speculation has surrounded when that card will resurface, and as Edmund mentioned in the stream, it was going to be a “spicy” addition. To be clear, the mystery card has not been revealed at this time. Below is an updated version of what the full-bodied Henry could look like:

Speaking of spicy cards, Edmund confirmed that he’d like to find a way to incorporate the controversial Christine Chandler (Chris Chan/Sonichu) card that was unlocked and revoked during the Requiem Kickstarter following the allegations against her. From the sound of it, it would be a while after the dust settled on the release of Requiem so that the other IPs involved would not have any direct ties. Additionally, this could be affected with consideration of her case’s pending investigation/charges. For those unaware, this is the card designed by Christine Chandler, though it is not an officially released card at this time:

Bum-Bo’s physical release is confirmed to have additional contents, which will likely include an alt-art Bumbo card and possible extras, to be revealed later. There wasn’t much mention of what these cards would be, but from the sound of it, we could hope for at least 2-3 cards or more with this promotion!

That wraps up this month’s major announcements, with a new challenge to be unveiled around the middle of the month, so stay tuned for that. As a reminder to those with the unboxing subscription, try to “think outside the box” as Edmund says, to earn a mystery Four Souls promo card and be the envy of the town. Good luck to all who create submissions!

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