G FUEL Promo Cards!

The Binding of Isaac is collaborating with G FUEL to release an exclusive collector’s box which will include two limited-edition Four Souls cards!

“Descend into the basement, fight your way through the darkness and collect items to survive! Introducing G FUEL โ€œIsaacโ€™s Tearsโ€ โ€“ inspired by Edmund McMillenโ€™sย The Binding of Isaac! Isaacโ€™s Tears taste like a sweet, refreshing combination of white grape and pineapple โ€“ far more refreshing than actual tears! Upgrade your energy and try to defeat MOM with the only power-up you can drink outside of the basement!”

G FUEL: Isaac’s Tears Collector’s Box description

This collab drops on November 4th, so make sure you’re signed up for the waitlist on G FUEL’s website to have the best chance at scoring these exclusive promos. Here’s a closer look at the cards that will be included in the collector’s edition box:

Isaac’s Tears features a new style of a familiar mechanic, allowing you to add counters each time you roll a die, which could offer some very lucrative synergies. G FUEL provides an always-welcome health boost along with an extra character recharge at the end of each turn. The art for both cards was designed by Yazawa Akio.

In addition to the physical items, on November 4, 2022, The Binding of Isaac on Steam offered a unique daily run featuring G FUEL. A can of G FUEL was available at the start of every floor, with varied, stacking effects. You can learn more about the complete effects and specifics of this daily run on TBIO Fandom Wiki. While it was only playable that day, it was also released as a seed, so players could enjoy the chaos of it over and over again. For those interested, use the seed GFVE LLLL to try it out.

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