Card Types

Bonus Souls

Bonus Souls are laid face up on the table in view of all player(s), requiring certain objectives to acquire. For balance when playing with the Four Souls: Requiem expansion, it is recommended to shuffle all souls and deal 3 for use in the entire game.


Each player randomly selects a Character Card at the start of the game.

Most characters have 2 hit points and 1 damage, an activated ability to play an extra loot card, and a unique starting item.

Loot Deck

The Loot Deck contains coins, trinkets, basic loot, tarot cards, and special loot. Loot cards are drawn to your hand and kept private unless a card specifies or you choose to reveal them.

Basic Loot: Basic Loot cards come in the form of coins, bombs, hearts, pills, and the like, and are used to gain resources or aid in combat.

Tarot cards: Tarot cards are more advanced Loot cards that can drastically change the course of the game in many neato ways.

Trinkets: These are rare Loot cards. When played, these act like Treasure Items and have passive effects. Place these cards face-up on the table next to your Item cards. They count as Items when in play and stay in play till destroyed.

Monster Deck

The Monster Deck contains monsters, bosses, curses, and other surprises.

There are 4 aspects to any monster:

Health: The amount of health the monster has.
Dice Roll: The roll required to damage the monster. When the attacking player meets or exceeds that number on their roll, they will damage that monster equal to the damage shown on their player card (including items or anything that boosts their damage).
Damage to Player: The amount of damage done to the player if they miss their attack roll (not rolling a high enough number).
Rewards: The reward that the active player gets upon defeating the monster

Room Deck

The Room Deck is an optional deck that provides new challenges, rewards, and strategies to the game. You start the game with one revealed room card, and once an enemy has been defeated in a turn, the active player may choose to draw a new room card or leave the current one in place. Similar to the Monster and Treasure decks, certain events and monsters have the ability to expand the number of rooms available for the entirety of the game. The effects of the cards vary widely from optional character interactions, global effects, and other fun surprises.

Starting Items

Starting Items correspond with a specific character card. They can be either an active or passive item, and most cards have the “eternal” modifier, meaning they are unable to be destroyed, traded, or stolen.

Treasure Deck

The Treasure Deck contains treasure items that can have activated, paid, or passive or one-time use effects. Some of these cards have the “Eternal” effect, meaning they cannot be stolen or destroyed by other players/when you die.