Stacking effects and item interaction

Q: If I use a card that has more than one effect on it to choose from and someone responds to my card activation, can I choose a different option when my effect resolves?
A: No, once you choose an effect that effect is locked into place and can’t be changed.

Q: Can I respond to an item or loot card that deactivates my item by activating it?
A: Yes.

Q: What happens if 2 passive items go off at the same time?
A: If 2 passive items go off at the same time they go off in player turn order, then resolve backward just like all other stacking effects. If 1 player controls multiple passive items that go off at once, they choose the order the effects go off.

Q: Can I respond to something forcing me to discard a loot card by activating my player card and playing that card first?
A: Yes, you can respond to any action with your player card and active items. So technically if someone forces you to discard a card, in response you can activate your player card and play the loot card.

Q: Can I respond to a dice roll that would have killed me by using an item or loot card that simply kills the monster I’m fighting?
A: Yes, if a monster is killed during an attack via an outside source all attack rolls on said monster would technically be canceled since the monster no longer exists in play.

Monster Cards

Q: What happens if a player kills a monster or boss during another player’s turn?
A: If another player somehow kills an active monster during another player’s turn, the active player gains the rewards of that monster being killed, if it was a boss they also gain the soul.

Q: Some monster cards say “roll: gain x or loot x” what does this mean?
A: It means when this monster is killed you roll, then gain loot or c equal to the number rolled.

Q: What happens if a monster I’m attacking takes lethal damage at the same exact time I do?
A: In these rare cases you both die at the same time, resolve the monster’s death first, then the player’s.

Q: If I decide to attack the top of the monster deck and someone responds by rearranging the top cards of that deck, can I take back my attack on the deck?
A: No, once a player has declared what they are attacking they MUST attack that way regardless of what other players may do.

Q: If I’m attacking a monster that does an action on a specific roll, and I also have an item that does something when that roll happens, how does the ordering go?
A: Monster actions always go off first, then all other actions stack on top of it. The effects all then resolve in reverse order like all other stacking effects.

Q: If I’m attacking a monster that has an ability that deals damage to me on a roll of 6 and I’m at 1HP and roll a 6 that would kill the monster, who dies first?
A: The monster’s effect for rolling a 6 would go off first and resolve before you would deal the final damage to kill it… so you would die before the attack resolves.


Q: What happens if I die during a turn and then take more damage?
A: If someone dies during a turn they can no longer take damage. Once any turn ends all dead players are healed to full and can be killed again.


Q: What happens if a player steals a soul card from me and I only have a monster card worth 2 souls?
A: If a card reads “steal a soul card” and a player only has a soul card that is worth 2 souls, you may take it because it counts as one card. The same goes for discarding a soul card.

Q: What happens to the bonus souls if they are gained, but then discarded later?
A: Any discarded bonus souls are placed face down next to the rest on the table, once a bonus soul is gained it can’t be gained again even if discarded.

Q: What happens if a player makes me discard or steals a soul card from me when I’m playing as The Lost?
A: The soul that is stuck to The Lost’s player card can’t ever be stolen or discarded.


Q: What happens if the monster, loot, or treasure decks run out of cards?
A: If a deck runs out of cards simply reshuffle that decks discarded cards and use them as the new deck.

Q: What happens if we run out of coins?
A: If somehow all 100¢ has been hoarded by other players, players simply can no longer gain ¢. This probably won’t ever happen though.

Q: What if something forces me to destroy an item, discard a loot card or lose a ¢ and I cant?
A: Nothing, if a penalty forces a player to lose something they have none of, no other penalty takes place. If a player is asked to pay more than they have, they just reduce the resource in question down to 0. IE: a card forces a player to discard 2 loot, but they only have 1, that player must discard that 1 card.

Q: If I fail to hit and would die during an attack on a monster, can I use cards like lord of the pit or the bible to cancel my attack to avoid dying?
A: Yes

Q: How do trinkets work? Are they a one-turn thing or do they stay in play?
A: Once a trinket is played it becomes an item and all rules that apply to items apply to it. Trinkets stay in play till they are destroyed.

Card Specific Questions

Q: Can I use Butter Bean on a trinket or the lost soul loot card?
A: Yes, Butter Bean can cancel any loot card being played, trinkets aren’t considered items till they hit the table and the same goes for the lost soul.

Q: If I’m playing as The Forgotten and have turned the bone into a soul, can someone steal it or make me discard it?
A: Yes, once the item card becomes a soul card, it can be discarded or stolen.

Q: If I’m playing as Eden and I get a card that activates to destroy itself, can I use it?
A: No, Eden makes all their starting items eternal, and eternal items cannot be destroyed, so cards that get destroyed for an effect can’t be used.

Q: Does Counterfeit Penny give money also when stealing or making a deal with a player?
A: No, it only gains an extra penny when a card specifically says you GAIN x coins.