Greed’s Gamble Challenge

Maestro Media has just announced the third Four Souls challenge via tweet today. This challenge focuses on defeating Greed, well protected by his stack of coins. To access the PDF, visit Maestro Media and scroll down past the news section for a direct download link.

The preface reads:

Greed’s… well, greed, knows no bounds: he is determined to rob Isaac of every cent he owns – and he’s not far off succeeding! Can you guide your characters to kill monsters, gain cents, and tip the scales back in your favor? Or will you be left penniless by the merciless Greed like so many before you…

Hard/Ultra Hard

To claim victory in this challenge, players must face Avaricious Greed. It starts with counters that prevent damage, and through various means, players are able to remove them, allowing it to be damaged and ultimately defeated. This challenge is primarily intended for solo and co-op modes, though there are expanded rules to incorporate the other gameplay options, with an extra card designed specifically for competitive mode.

Below are the versions of Avaricious Greed for each of the following game modes: Normal, Hard, Ultra Hard, and Competitive.

Ultra Hard

Additionally, this challenge is available on the official Tabletop Simulator, just load up The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem+ and select Challenges from the starting game options.

Read more about Greed’s Gamble here.

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