Leviathan Box Cards Revealed

With today’s announcement on Twitter from Nicalis, the two promos to be released with the physical copy of The Binding of Isaac: Repentance have finally been revealed. If you’ve already preordered your game prior to this announcement and want to upgrade to the deluxe Leviathan Box, make sure to check your email or reach out to them as soon as possible; the window to get the “early bird” discount (-$10) is rapidly closing.

For anyone with preorders that were made before April 1st, you’ll additionally be receiving a copy of It Lives regardless of if you’ve upgraded to the Leviathan Box or not. This is a thank you bonus for being patient amidst numerous delays of Repentance. It’s worth noting that despite being remastered for the release of Requiem, It Lives will still be 1st edition, as they have already been printed.

Now on to the new cards: Eden and 1-Up are a bit of an oddity, as they were designed AND printed before the conception of TBOI: Four Souls Requiem. They will not have the second edition wording or formatting, though that will be less noticeable considering the 8-bit art style for the entire card. They bear the letter R for the promo symbol, presumably referring to Repentance or Retro (in regards to their pixelated appearance).

If you’re able to snag a copy of the Leviathan Box, you should have these promos in your hands by the summer of 2022. If not, they will be available in high-resolution to be printed for personal use, as is the same with all of the promos. There is also a possibility they will receive updated wording to match the rest of the second edition, so don’t rush to the printers too quickly if you’re interested in that.

What are your thoughts on the latest additions to the promo line-up?

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