The Unboxing of Isaac Announcement

Exciting news, Edmund has announced a monthly Binding of Isaac T-shirt subscription! Those who subscribe to the $30 box will receive a shirt designed by some of his favorite artists, at least 3 new Four Souls cards (each month!), and other goodies. All the items will be revealed upfront, so there’s no guesswork on whether or not you’ll like the contents of the box. The boxes will follow a chosen theme each month, with the first reveal being centered around Dogma. T-shirts will be available in a wide offering of sizes from small to 6XL, with no price increase for the larger sizes. The initial run is set for 12 months, and those who subscribe to all 12 consecutively or buy the annual option will receive a free, 13th box with a shirt that is designed by Edmund himself!

There have been quite a few new cards spoiled in the promotional images already, but the three official cards for subscribing during the month of April (for May delivery) are “Christian Broadcasts”, Dogma, and TV Static.

If that wasn’t cool enough, all purchases (presumably Isaac-themed) from the MaestroMedia store for the month of April will receive another new Four Souls card, Mom’s Ring, as a Mother’s Day promotion! They have confirmed that the T-shirt subscription will count towards the monthly purchase, so there’s no need to buy anything else if you’re already subscribed.

The two topics that received the most feedback involved the Four Souls cards and shipping. He’s a quick overview of the latest developments:

There’s an annual subscription option for anyone both patient enough to wait and able to make the larger one-time purchase. This is a great way to save money on shipping, especially for those who are located outside of the United States. These boxes will ship with consolidated packaging and will include the contents of all 13 previously released boxes. They are slated to ship in May 2023. Additionally, they will be researching better options to ship the monthly boxes for less as well. Anyone who buys the annual subscription will also receive any shop promos that required purchase during those months as well.

A lot of concern was brought up about the exclusivity of the promotional Four Souls cards behind the $30 paywall (for anyone not interested in the shirts). It was confirmed that they will eventually rerelease all the cards from The Unboxing of Isaac as alternate arts with mechanically identical functions. The date or format for this is yet to be determined. As with all promo cards, they are also available digitally in high-resolution, which allows players to print them at home or use a service like to create near-replicas. It is unknown if shop promos like Mom’s Ring will be included in this offering.

If you haven’t already, check out for more info and to secure your box today! What’s your opinion on this big reveal?

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