New Game Mode!?

That’s right, The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is seeing the incorporation of a much-anticipated game mode: Challenges! This free addition was announced via Kickstarter update, and depending on popularity, more are expected to release in the coming weeks/months. To access the PDF, visit Maestro Media and scroll down past the news section for a direct download link.

The preface reads:

Rag Man’s power grows – no longer content to simply bring himself back from the dead, he is now resurrecting an army of monsters to fight alongside him! To have any chance of defeating Rag Man once and for all, your characters will need to work together to weaken him by killing monsters and gaining souls, but it’s difficult when nothing stays dead!

Ultra Hard

The first challenge, Resurrection Day, is centered around Rag Man, with an in-depth set of rules and new printable cards to enhance gameplay. To further expand upon gameplay options, 3 difficulty settings are provided, from normal to ultra-hard.


Additionally, this challenge is available on the official Tabletop Simulator, just load up The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem+ and select Challenges from the starting game options.

Read more about Resurrection Day here.

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