Rainbow Blight Box Contents

Edmund unveiled the contents of June’s box during a live stream on May 6th, 2022! This month is paying tribute to Pride Month, with nods towards some of the lighter-themed items and imagery in the world of Isaac.

For this month’s subscription, Four Souls gained 3 new treasure cards, Glitter Bombs, My Little Unicorn, and Three Dollar Bill. Glitter Bombs is extra special, as it introduces a completely unique mechanic to the game.

Due to the large volume of subscriptions, MaestroMedia has been able to secure a new shipping facility based out of Ohio. This has allowed them to cut the shipping costs by nearly half for most of the United States and partial discounts for other parts of the world. The annual subscription is still by far the most cost effective, for those willing to wait.

May’s Dogma-themed box will be shipping out next Wednesday, May 11th, and is expected to start arriving shortly thereafter. If you were curious on the quality of the Requiem print run, these cards all use the same printer and will be nearly identical to Requiem when it arrives.

In other exciting news, Maestro Media will be running a Father’s Day promotion similar to last month! It’s probably no surprise, but this card is none other than Dad’s Ring. To receive this card, either subscribe (or stay subscribed) to the Unboxing of Isaac T-shirt service, or make a purchase from the Maestro Media website.

Now that the T-shirt service is picking up steam and ironing out some of it’s wrinkles *cringe*, how are you feeling about it?

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