Motherly Love Challenge

Along with some cool merch reveals, the latest Kickstarter update (#79) has announced the second Four Souls challenge! To access the PDF, visit Maestro Media and scroll down past the news section for a direct download link.

The preface reads:

Isaaaaac! Life in their small house on a hill was simple, and Isaac was happy. That was until now, when Mom, fueled with the desire to serve her God and prove she loves Him above all else, has Isaac cornered! It looks like the end of the line for Isaac, but perhaps if your characters can work together, fighting Mom and gaining souls, an angel might be sent down from above to stop her hand just in time…

All Game Modes

In this challenge, players are pitted against Devout Mom! with hopes to use The Bible against her and claim victory. It’s primarily intended for solo and co-op modes, though there are expanded rules to incorporate the other gameplay options.

Ultra Hard

Additionally, this challenge is available on the official Tabletop Simulator, just load up The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem+ and select Challenges from the starting game options.

And lastly, the amazing artwork for the challenge cards was created by orisghost who designed last month’s challenge art, Unboxing of Isaac shirt, and Dogma card.

Read more about Motherly Love here.

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