The Adversary

First Edition
Card Name The Adversary
Type Monster Deck
Card Text 4 | 4+ | 1
At the start of each turn,
The active player rolls-
1-2: Put all cards in another
monster slot into discard.
3-4: Put the top card of the monster
deck in another monster slot.
5-6: Monsers gain +1 till
end of turn.
+1 Treasure
Category Bosses
Game Mode(s) All Game Modes
Set The Unboxing of Isaac
Released 2022
Language(s) English
Background Artist Yazawa Akio
Card Artist Yazawa Akio

The Adversary, along with Big Horn and Loki, was exclusive to The Unboxing of Isaac subscription service for December 2022 (Isaac is Doomed! Box).

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