Pumpkin Mask

First Edition
Card Name Pumpkin Mask
Type Treasure Deck
Card Text When you gain or purchase
this, destroy it. If you do,
look at the top 10 cards
of the treasure deck and
gain 1. Put the rest on the
bottom of the deck in a
random order.
Category Passive Items
Game Mode(s) All Game Modes
Set Promos
Released 2022
Language(s) English
Background Artist Yazawa Akio
Card Artist HamBerry

This card was included with all orders from the Maestro Media store for the month of September as a Halloween promotion. As the subscription service, The Unboxing of Isaac is considered a purchase from the web store, all subscribers for the month of September also received this card.

This card is a reference to an Easter egg item in the original flash version of The Binding of Isaac that was only attainable via hacking the game.

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