The Harbingers / The Beast!

First Edition
Card Name The Harbingers / The Beast!
Type Monster Deck
Card Text
The Harbingers 4 | 4+ | 1
The active player must attack
this once each turn if able.
If this would die, instead put a
counter on this, the active player
gains +1 treasure, cancels their
attack, and this heals to full.
If this has 4+ counters, flip it.
+1 Treasure
The Beast! 6 | 4+ | 2
When this is flipped to this side
or attacked, each player rolls-
Each player who rolls
the lowest or tied for
the lowest dies.
Loot 6
Category Epic Bosses
Game Mode(s) All Game Modes
Set Expansion: Requiem
Released 2022
Language(s) English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Background Artist Yazawa Akio
Card Artist Yazawa Akio / Not Your Sagittarius
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