Note: This is a recommendation of how to create a fair and balanced setup, especially when playing solo, co-op, and two-player games. However, playing with all available cards is still possible. Play the game in whatever way makes it the most enjoyable for you.

Below are the recommended 100-card deck ratios for fun and balanced gameplay. Separate the cards by category within the deck type, then shuffle each pile of card types face-down before dealing them to the larger deck. Shuffle each deck thoroughly again once all the card types have been selected.

Loot Deck
23 Miscellaneous Loot
11 Trinkets
6 Pills & Runes
5 Butter Beans
6 Bombs
6 Batteries
5 Dice Shards & Soul Hearts
1 Lost Soul
6 Nickels
Monster Deck
1 Epic Bosses
30 Bosses
30 Basic Enemies
9 Cursed Enemies
9 Holy & Charmed Enemies
8 [fs_category_good_events]
8 [fs_category_bad_events]
5 Curses
Treasure Deck
40 Active Items
44 Passive Items
10 Paid Items
5 One-Use Items
1 Soul Items
Bonus Souls
3 Bonus Souls